International Church App offers Digital Solutions to Remain Connected

In an exclusive interview with Business Report this week, the digital solutions provider, ICA’s founding director and CEO Lucky Mbiko, said churches held a central position in many South African and African communities and this app would empower them to extend their reach, engage with their congregation and further share their message on a global scale.

“By equipping churches with advanced digital tools, the International Church App overcomes barriers of physical distance and limited resources, enabling churches to amplify their impact, foster community growth, and positively influence lives within the local and African context,” Mbiko said.

Mbiko explained that the app’s development began last year. Thus far it has onboarded more than a handful of churches and was still engaging with many more. The company said it aimed to reach 50 more international churches throughout Africa by the end of this year.

Tsepe Moahloli, the company’s head of operations, said: “Our services are not restricted to just the app. While there may be other companies available for such services, International Church App goes beyond that by providing a comprehensive and integrated solution tailored specifically for churches. It combines a range of essential features such as social media management, creative graphics, and strategic advertising campaigns, empowering churches to have a centralized platform that meets all their digital needs.”

He added that in the current economic climate and during times of higher load shedding, the app provided an invaluable value proposition by offering churches a robust and adaptable solution to navigate challenging circumstances.

“Through the app’s capabilities, churches can maintain consistent communication, share uplifting messages, conduct live-streamed services, and organize virtual events. By leveraging these features, churches can stay connected with their community, foster engagement, and continue making a meaningful impact, regardless of external limitations.”

Moahloli said the innovation was developed by a team of professionals who possessed expertise in digital solutions and a deep understanding of churches’ unique requirements.

“While specific details regarding the development timeline and team members may vary, the development process involved extensive research, design, programming, and rigorous testing. This ensured the creation of a reliable and user-friendly platform that effectively addresses the specific needs of churches,” he said.

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